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Meeting Notes 03/07/2013


SJRC Meeting Minutes

7:00 p.m., March 14, 2013

Highlands/Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce Office Building

Sarah Davis opened the meeting and individuals introduced themselves. There were 3 new members attending to make the total of 13.

Mike Ruger introduced us to the new webpage of the SJRC. The link to it is: sjrc.texanstogether.org

Mike asked us to volunteer to input about 800 pages of signed petitions into Excel. About 5 people volunteered to help. They are: Sarah Davis, Jeanette Early, Patty Hall, and 2 others.

It was brought to our attention that the current date for Responsible Party Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study is 12/04/13……which is now past due. It was recommended that many write Gary Miller (EPA) about this.

Mike shared a copy of a letter he wrote to Commissioner Jack Morman and which will be sent soon…asking for help in getting an epidemiological study for this area.

It was suggested we ask someone from the County Attorney’s office to attend our next meeting so we can ask questions. We will ask Rock Owens to start with.

Sarah gave a report on the status of working with schools in the area, in getting leadership/volunteer help from the students as well as getting permission to speak in classes about the San Jacinto River. Chinquapin school has given us permission to speak and to use them as volunteers. Goose Creek school district still has not responded and she will continue to contact them until we get an answer.

Eddie Williams will contact the college (Lee College), for their help and the possibility of helping in their classwork by developing something like a specific curriculum. He will have a report for us next month.

Maria Vaughan will check with the Baytown Nature Center to see when they have their big event which we may be able to have a table to share about the river and waste pit. She will report back next month.

Gary Wiggins will find out specifics that need to be included in a compact presentation and will present that at the next meeting.

It was suggested we send a recap of our meetings to the Star Courier as well as announcements of the upcoming meeting each month. 


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Article | by Dr. Radut